Group of Prof. Tinnefeld - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Biophysikblockpraktikum 2020

Experiment T1b: DNA Origami with Superresolution Microscopy

Department Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
LMU München
Butenandtstr. 11, Building E
81377 München

In this experiment, first insights into DNA nanotechnology and super-resolution microscopy will be given. You will learn how to design and synthesize DNA origami by creating your own nanostructures, purifying and characterizing them. In particular, you will use your DNA origami nanostructures as nanometer rulers for super-resolution microscopy. Therefore you will receive an introduction to DNA PAINT, a method of single molecule localization based super-resolution microscopy providing structural characterization with high spatial resolution below the diffraction limit. The course consists of an introduction to applied DNA nanotechnology, i.e. DNA origami technique, and single molecule fluorescence techniques including DNA origami folding, sample purification, surface preparation, super-resolution imaging, and image analysis.

Michael Scheckenbach
Tel.: 2180-77063
Room E1.062