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G.J. Hedley, T. Schröder, F. Steiner, T. Eder, F. Hofmann, S. Bange, D. Laux, S. Höger, P. Tinnefeld, J.M. Lupton, J. Vogelsang: Picosecond time-resolved photon antibunching measures nanoscale exciton motion and the true number of chromophores, Nat. Commun. 12 (1327).

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M. Scheckenbach, T. Schubert, C. Forthmann, V. Glembockyte, P. Tinnefeld: Self-Regeneration and Self-Healing in DNA Origami Nanostructures, Angew.Chem. Int.Ed. 60,4931 – 4938.
Selbstregeneration und Selbstheilung in DNA‐Origami‐Nanostrukturen, Angew. Chem. 2021, 133, 4982 – 4990.

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K. Trofymchuk, V. Glembockyte, L. Grabenhorst, F. Steiner, C. Vietz, C. Close, M. Pfeiffer, L. Richter, M. L. Schütte, F. Selbach, R. Yaadav, J. Zähringer, Q. Wei, A. Ozcan, B. Lalkens, G.P. Acuna, P. Tinnefeld: Addressable nanoantennas with cleared hotspots for single-molecule detection on a portable smartphone microscope, Nat. Commun. 12(950)

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L. Shani, P. Tinnefeld, Y. Fleger, A. Sharoni, B.Y. Shapiro, A. Shaulov, O. Gang, Y. Yeshurun: DNA origami based superconducting nanowires, AIP Advances 11(1)

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L.A. Masullo, F. Steiner, J. Zähringer, L.F. Lopez, J. Bohlen, L. Richter, F. Cole, P. Tinnefeld*, F.D. Stefani*: Pulsed-Interleaved MINFLUX, Nano Lett. 21(1), 840–846.

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K. Kramm, T. Schröder, J. Gouge, A. Vera, K. Gupta, F. Heiss, T. Liedl, C. Engel, I. Berger, A. Vannini , P. Tinnefeld, D. Grohmann*: DNA origami-based single-molecule force spectroscopy unravels the molecular basis of RNA Polymerase III pre-initiation complex stability, Nat. Commun. 11(2828), DOI 10.1038/s41467-020-16702-x

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I. Kaminska, J. Bohlen, S. Rocchetti, F. Selbach, G.P. Acuna, P. Tinnefeld*: Distance dependence of single-molecule energy transfer to graphene measured with DNA origami nano-positioners, Nano Lett. 19, 4257−4262.

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B. Hellenkamp, S. Schmid, O. Doroshenko, O. Opanasyuk, R. Kühnemuth, S. Rezaei Adariani, B. Ambrose, M. Aznauryan, A. Barth, V. Birkedal, M.E. Bowen, H. Chen, T. Cordes, T. Eilert, C. Fijen, C. Gebhardt, M. Götz, G. Gouridis, E. Gratton, T. Ha, P. Hao, C.A. Hanke, A. Hartmann, J. Hendrix, L.L. Hildebrandt, V. Hirschfeld, J. Hohlbein, B. Hua, C.G. Hübner, E. Kallis, A.N. Kapanidis, J.-Y. Kim, G. Krainer, D.C. Lamb, N.K. Lee, E.A. Lemke, B. Levesque, M. Levitus, J.J. McCann, N. Naredi-Rainer, D. Nettels, T. Ngo, R. Qiu, N.C. Robb, C. Röcker, H. Sanabria, M. Schlierf, T. Schröder, B. Schuler, H. Seidel, L. Streit, J. Thurn., P. Tinnefeld, S. Tyagi, N. Vandenberk, A.M. Vera, K.R. Weninger, B. Wünsch, I.S. Yanez-Orozco, J. Michaelis*, C.A.M. Seidel*, T.D. Craggs*, T. Hugel*: Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements – a worldwide benchmark study, Nat. Methods 15, 669–676.

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M. Raab, I. Jusuk, J. Molle, E. Buhr, B. Bodermann, D. Bergmann, H. Bosse, P. Tinnefeld:Using DNA origami nanorulers as traceable distance measurement standards and nanoscopic benchmark structures, Sci. Rep. 8(1780).

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P.C. Nickels, B. Wünsch, P. Holzmeister, W. Bae, L.M. Kneer, D. Grohmann, P. Tinnefeld, T. Liedl (2016): Molecular Force Spectroscopy with a DNA Origami Based Nanoscopic Force Clamp, Science 354(6310), 305-307.

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P. Holzmeister, G. P. Acuna, D. Grohmann, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Breaking the Concentration Limit of Optical Single -Molecule Detection, Chem.Soc.Rev. 43(4), 1014-1028

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J.J. Schmied, A. Gietl, Phil Holzmeister, C. Forthmann, C. Steinhauer, T. Dammeyer, P. Tinnefeld (2012): Fluorescence and Super-resolution Standards based on DNA Origami, Nat. Methods 9, 1133–1134.

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G.P. Acuna, F.M. Möller, P. Holzmeister, S. Beater, B. Lalkens and P. Tinnefeld (2012): Fluorescence Enhancement at Docking Sites of DNA-Directed Self-Assembled Nanoantennas, Science 338(6106), 506-510

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J. Vogelsang, R. Kasper, C. Steinhauer, B. Person, M. Heilemann, M. Sauer, P. Tinnefeld (2008): A reducing and oxidizing system minimizes photobleaching and blinking of fluorescent dyes, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47(29), 5465-5469

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J. Roß, P. Buschkamp, D. Fetting, A. Donnermeyer, C.M. Roth, P. Tinnefeld (2007): Multicolor Single-Molecule Spectroscopy with Alternating Laser Excitation for the Investigation of Interactions and Dynamics, J. Phys. Chem. B 111(2), 321-326

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D.-P. Herten, A. Biebricher, M. Heilemann, T. Heinlein, C. Müller, P. Schlüter, P. Tinnefeld, K.D. Weston, M. Sauer, J. Wolfrum (2004): Optical single molecule techniques for analytical and biological applications, Rec. Res. Devel. Phys. Chem. 7, 345-368

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P. Tinnefeld, V. Buschmann, K.D. Weston, A. Biebricher, D.-P. Herten, O. Piestert, T. Heinlein, M. Heilemann, M. Sauer (2004): How single-molecule photophysical studies complement ensemble methods for a better understanding of chromophores and interchromophore interactions, Rec. Res. Devel. Phys. Chem. 7, 95-125

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