Gereon Andreas Brüggenthies

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I studied for my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at the TU Munich and prepared my bachelor thesis in the group of Prof. Dietz about custom Scaffolds for DNA origami. While completing my biochemistry master at the TU Munich, I was an intern in the Dietz, Wester, Hagn and Schwille group. During my master thesis in the group of Prof. Schwille at the MPI of Biochemistry, I worked on the arrangement of DNA origami on a lipid surface by membrane proteins and verified those with superresolution techniques.

I started my PhD in the Tinnefeld group in autumn 2022, where I am working on the development of DNA origami for different applications in 2D materials, superresolution and sensing. In particular, I want to use DNA nanotechnology in combination with superresolution microscopy to study protein interactions and generate a new class of biosensors.