Welcome to the Tinnefeld lab!

With our background in single-molecule detection and superresolution microscopy, we develop new methods and molecular tools to study biomolecular processes, structures and dynamics. It is our ultimate vision to use fluorescence for recording movies of the molecular processes that are the basis of life.

With the progress of using DNA as a nanomaterial (DNA nanotechnology), we also got excited about building modular molecular devices with a variety of functions including molecular signal amplifiers, force sensors, and nanorulers. Such devices are the basis of a fundamental new approach to biosensing and molecular robotics.

Our NanoBioSciences group brings together unique interdisciplinarity creating synergy from molecular biology, physical chemistry, biophysics and nanophotonics.



25. April 2023

New paper!

A new paper “Full Site-Specific Addressability in DNA Origami-Templated Silica Nanostructures” is now out! The paper is the result of collaborative work with the lab of Amelie Heuer-Jungemann at the Max Planck Institute for biochemistry. Check it out here. Congrats to Michael, Viktorija and the team!

24. April 2023

Conference season has started

So proud of our lab’s contributions at FNANO23 in Snowbird, UT! Renukka gave a talk on DNA origami nanoantennas, Ece presented a poster on DNA origami curvature sensors, and Viktorija shared insights on tunable single-molecule DNA origami sensors. The conference ended on a high as Renukka was selected for the ‘Best student talk’. Congrats!

6. April 2023

Conference season has started

Happy faces at FOM2023. Viki and Giovanni represented the lab at this year’s FOM. They participated with a talk and a poster and had a great time in sunny Porto nerding out on latest developments in microscopy.

21. March 2023

Paper celebration lunch

The ‘curvature sensor crew’ organised a yummy Manti lunch from the Turkish kitchen to celebrate the recent publication and to thank the group for their continuous support. Congratulations again! 🤩

17. March 2023

Cooking day

Giovanni’s hands-on workshop on how to make Orecchiette in the Italian way: Fun and delish! 🤩

10. March 2023

New paper!

A new paper “Combining pMINFLUX, graphene energy transfer and DNA-PAINT for nanometer precise 3Dsuper-resolution microscopy” is now out! Check it out here. Congrats to Jonas and the team!

3. February 2023

New paper!

Introducing an innovative solution in particle characterization! Ece’s new paper “DNA Origami Curvature Sensors for Nanoparticle and Vesicle Size Determination with Single-Molecule FRET Readout” is now out! Check it out here. Congratulations all!

18. January 2023

New paper!

How to optimally and model-free combine FCS with fluorescence lifetime? Tim’s new paper “Shrinking gate fluorescence correlation spectroscopy yields equilibrium constants and separates photophysics from structural dynamics” is now out! Check it out here. Kudos to the team!

3. January 2023

New paper!

Kateryna’s new paper “Gold Nanorod DNA Origami Antennas for 3 Orders of Magnitude Fluorescence Enhancement in NIR” is now out! Check it out here. Congrats, the team!

1. December 2022

Season’s Greetings everyone!
The new members of the Tinnefeld lab had to follow the traditions of organizing our annual Xmas party. We celebrated Christmas with a huge buffet, “Glühwein” and “Feuerzangenbowle”, a chocolate fountain and crappy secret Santa. Renukka and Ece took the opportunity to wear their awesome Christmas sweaters. Thanks to the diligent Christmas elves – it was the perfect get-together during the holiday season!

9. November 2022

As one of four scientists from physics and chemistry Andrés received the CeNS Investment Fund for his project “A Graphene Energy Transfer assay to study DNA repair“. The CeNS Investment Fund supports postdoctoral researchers on their way to independence. Felicitaciones!


25. – 28. September 2022

Andrés visited the German Biophysical Society (DGfB) Meeting Conference at the University of Konstanz and gave a talk on “Heterogeneous assembly of the cohesin-dockerin interaction and its modulation by isomerization of a single proline”.

25. September 2022

The Munich classic is finally back after two years!
Our annual Oktoberfest visit was the perfect get-together after the conference season and also a first for some of our international group members. Prost!

12. – 16. September 2022

LMU-Cambridge Junior Nanotech Network exchange part 2!
Julian, Karina and Patrick visited the Keyser Lab at the University of Cambridge. The program was kick-started with the symposium “From Polymers to Biomolecules – Retirement Conference for Dame Athene Donald” at the IoP. Lab rotations at the Cavendish lab gave insights into the research of the Keyser Group. A formal dinner at Christ’s College (picture), pub nights and punting provided the perfect British experience. Thanks for the very distinguished time – it was a pleasure!

11. – 14. September 2022

The Tinnefeld lab is part of the MAF2022 (Methods and Aplications in Fluorescence) at the Chalmers University of Technology in the beautiful city of Göteborg. Alan, Ece, Iza, Jonas, Lennart, Lorena, Renukka and Viktorija shared their most recent research in the form of oral and poster presentations. Big congratulations go to Lennart and Viktorija, who won poster prizes!

7. – 9. September 2022

Bosong, Cindy and Viktorija traveled to Berlin to participate in the 27th international workshop on “Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy (PicoQuant)“. We are delighted to share that Cindy won the student award for the best talk and Viktorija was awarded the “best invited speaker”. Congrats!


29. – 31. August 2022

Jonas, Julian and Michi visited the Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium 2022 (SMLMS) in Paris to get inspiring insights into the field of single-molecule localization microscopy. They also shared their most recent research in the form of poster presentations. The conference was rounded off at a dinner-cruise on the Seine. C’était formidable!

22. July 2022

Tim won the 3rd price of the CeNS Nano Innovation Award 2022! Outstanding PhD students at Bavarian research institutions are honored annually by CeNS for their excellent research in nanosciences. Congrats Tim, the group is very proud!


22. July 2022

The annual “Schülerinfotag” took place today. Our faculty welcomed hundreds of pupils from all over Bavaria to offer an insight into the world of chemsitry and pharmacy. Many helpers were needed to give lab tours, show experiments, create posters, and prepare snacks. For example, Lennart guided interested pupils through our poster and explained the magic of DNA nanotechnology.

1. July 2022

Cindy’s new paper “Maximizing the Accessibility in DNA Origami Nanoantenna Plasmonic Hotspots” is now out! Check it out here. Congrats, Cindy and the team!

20. June 2022

Happy birthday, Prof. Dr. Tinnefeld!
Today we celebrated Philip’s birthday with coffee and cake. The strawberry and banana cakes made by the dean himself were very delicious – thank you, Philip!

22. – 25. May 2022

The JNN exchange 2022 was rounded off at the CeNS Retreat Kleinwalsertal with scientific talks and posters, career talks, workshops and social activities. Ece Büber deservedly won the award for the best poster, and Max Earle (UCam) for the best talk, congratulations!


17. – 25. May 2022

We are happy to participate in the Junior Nanotech Network (JNN) exchange 2022 with the University of Cambridge at CeNS!
The Tinnefeld lab welcomed grad students from the Keyser lab to introduce them to our everyday lab life, the beautiful city Munich, and Bavarian traditions. Thanks for the very distinguished time – full of scientific and cultural exchange! We are looking forward to our visit at University of Cambridge in September!

05. May 2022

The fourth PhD defense of this year took place today! Tim successfully defended his thesis and calls himself Dr. Schröder from now on. Congratulations and all the best for the future!

28. April 2022

Today the Tinnefeld lab opened the doors for Girls’ Day 2022, organized by CeNS. Cindy showed the students how DNA origami nanoantennas and fluorescence enhancement simplify the detection of single molecules. Instead of sophisticated optical equipment, it is possible to detect individual biomarkers on a smartphone camera. Let’s empower girls and women in science!

24. March 2022

First BBQ of the year!
Today we welcomed spring with self-made burgers for lunch and enjoyed the sunny time-out during lab work. This kind of lunch break has much potential to become a new tradition.

23. March 2022

Snapshots of today’s farewell party!
We said goodbye to Hildegard, who took over Mrs Steger’s secretary job during the last months. We appreciated her support through all the organizational challenges and will miss her cordial nature. We wish her all the very best for her future!

10. March 2022

We present our third PhD grad this year: Johann! Congratulations for this successful PhD defense on “Expanding the Scope of Single-Molecule Energy Transfer with Gold Nanoparticles and Graphene” and all the best for the future!

03. February 2022

Kristina defended her PhD thesis on “Designing Single-Molecule Assays towards Directed Emission with DNA Origami Nanoantennas” with great success today. We wish her all the best for the future. Congratulations!

28. January 2022

Sarah’s new paper “Quantitative Single-Molecule Measurements of Membrane Charges with DNA Origami Sensors” is now published in the journal Analytical Chemistry. Check it out here! Congrats again, Sarah!

20. January 2022

We are delighted to share that Sarah has defended her PhD thesis on “Optical Single-Molecule Biosensors Assembled by DNA Origami” successfully. We wish her all the best for the future. Big big Congratulations!
There are many more defenses to come this year!

14. December 2021

Andrés’ article “A simple and general approach to control the activity of DNA processing enzymes” is now online in Nucleic Acids Research. This new approach is also featured in the LMU newsroom. Kudos to the team!

26. November 2021

The Tinnefeld group won amongst others the CeNS Publication Award 2021 in the category “Scientific Breakthrough” for their publication on NACHOS in Nature Communications. Check out the announcement and the paper.
Congratulations to all the winners!

November 2021

The Römer-Prize was awarded to Patrick for his Master thesis and to Viktorija in the postdoc category for outstanding achievements. Check it out here. Congratulations!   

1. October 2021

Today Prof. Dr. Philip Tinnefeld takes over the office from Prof. Dr. Angelika Vollmar as the dean of the faculty of chemistry and pharmacy. We wish him lots of success in his new role!

29. September – 1. October 2021

The 26th international workshop on Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy took place in Berlin. We are delighted to share that Jonas was awarded “best talk by a young researcher” for his presentation on “Exploiting Fluorescence Lifetime in Pulsed Interleaved MINFLUX”. Check it out here

10. June 2021

Scientists from LMU have unlocked the full potential of graphene for fluorescence microscopy. The study shows a microscopy resolution world record of 3 nanometer. This might turn graphene into the new standard platform for state-of-the art microscopy. Check out the LMU Newsroom!