Group of Prof. Tinnefeld - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Welcome to the Tinnefeld lab!

Physical chemistry/ Nanobiosciences

Single-Molecule Fluorescence, Superresolution Microscopy, DNA Nanotechnology, BioSensing

With our background in single-molecule detection and superresolution microscopy, we develop new methods and molecular tools to study biomolecular processes, structures and dynamics. It is our ultimate vision to use fluorescence for recording movies of the molecular processes that are the basis of life.

With the progress of using DNA as a nanomaterial (DNA nanotechnology), we also got excited about building modular molecular devices with a variety of functions including molecular signal amplifiers, force sensors, and nanorulers. Such devices are the basis of a fundamental new approach to biosensing and molecular robotics.

Our NanoBioSciences group brings together unique interdisciplinarity creating synergy from molecular biology, physical chemistry, biophysics and nanophotonics.






2020 - 2024 Prof. Philip Tinnefeld is Editorial Advisory Board Member of Analysis & Sensing


"Diagnostics-4-Future Conference 2019", Konstanz: Poster Award for Sarah Ochmann (1st place) and Lennart Grabenhorst (2nd place)



Dr. Carolin Vietz (AK Tinnefeld) was awarded with the Heinrich-Büssing-Preis by the Braunschweigischer Hochschulbund e.V. for her outstanding dissertation



Annual workshop on "Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Ultra Sensitive Analysis in the Life Sciences (03.-06.09.2019, Berlin): PicoQuant StudentAward for Tim Schröder, Tinnefeld-group (see


Single-Molecule Sensors and NanoSystems International Conference (S3IC,  03.04.-05.04.2019, München): Poster Award for Dr. Viktorija Glembockyté and Dr. Florian Selbach, both Tinnefeld-group (see

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2022 Prof. Philip Tinnefeld is Editorial Advisory Board Member of ChemPhysChem

Prof. Philip Tinnefeld was elected to the board of the Center for NanoScience Munich (CeNS)


April 2018

The EU-funded ChipScope Project Gets Leading Companies on Board



Prof. Philip Tinnefeld was (among others) awarded with the CeNS Publication Award 2017 for best interdisciplinary publication in Science 2016, 354(6310), 305-307.



Prof. Philip Tinnefeld and others were awarded with the IHK Technologietransferpreis 2017 by the Industrie- und Handelskammer Braunschweig for their project "Spin-off mit optischen Proben: Vermessen der Nanowelt"