Group of Prof. Tinnefeld - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

M.Sc. Ece Büber

Ece Büber
Department of Chemistry, LMU Munich
Butenandtstr. 5 - 13
81377 Munich

office 089 / 2180-77547 (Mrs. Steger)
phone 089 / 2180-77562
Room no. E1.062
E-mail Ece.Bueber "at"


After finishing my Master's studies in Turkey, where I was working on surface design for electrochemical biosensor applications, I decided to change my focus and an exciting period in my life started here by joining in a different research atmosphere in the last period of 2018.

Currently, I am part of the single-molecule membrane sensing team, where we develop DNA-origami based biosensors in order to investigate different plasma membrane properties.

Besides DNA-origami, I also like paper-folding origami :), jigsaw puzzles, cooking, hiking and painting.