Group of Prof. Tinnefeld - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

M.Sc. Lars Richter

Lars Richter
Department of Chemistry, LMU Munich
Butenandtstr. 5 - 13
81377 Munich

office 089 / 2180-77547 (Mrs. Steger)
phone 089 / 2180-77541
Room no. E1.023
E-mail Lars.Richter"at"


Hey there!
In autumn 2020, I (re-)joined the group after finishing my Master's in Physics at the HU Berlin. For my thesis, I worked in the lab of Prof. Fernando Stefani in Buenos Aires on the development of MINFLUX nanoscopy. In the Tinnefeld lab, I want to learn about the DNA origami technique and the unique properties of graphene. Combined with my knowledge of MINFLUX, I aim to develop highly functional and controllable nanodevices.
In my free time, I enjoy being in Nature, especially when hiking in the mountains. Further, I'm heading a team of volunteers for organizing the international student competition PLANCKS 2022 in Munich.