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M.Tech Renukka Yaadav

Renukka Yaadav
Department of Chemistry, LMU Munich
Butenandtstr. 5 - 13
81377 Munich

office 089 / 2180-77547 (Mrs. Steger)
phone 089 / 2180-77562
Room no. E1.062
E-mail renukka.yaadav "at"










 I have a rather mixed background from my Master's in nanotechnology from Amity University in India followed by internships at the Max Planck institutes in the field of mechanobiochemistry at Dr. Kerstin G. Blank's lab and membrane biophysics and DNA nanotechnology at Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille's lab. I kick-started my PhD life at the Tinnefeld lab in early 2019. I am currently involved in developing and optimizing DNA origami-based single-molecule biosensing systems. Visit the single-molecule sensing page to find out more about our team. I also help in managing our social media presence. When I am not in the lab I find peace in dancing and painting. In a parallel universe, I have already won two pipetting championships. :D




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