Melanie Meincke

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Hey there! 

I am a passionate scientist and have a broad range of work experience in the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical area. I conducted the research for my Bachelor thesis at the Munich institute for cardiovascular prevention in the cell culture department. After that I went one year to London where I worked in the group of Joshua Edel, on the synthesis of a dendrimer-like DNA nanostructure for the detection of early stage cancer in patch-clamping experiments. This is where I found my love in electrophysiology. I did my Master thesis at Nanion Technologies, which is a spin-off (2002) of the Center for NanoScience. In my research I looked at the kinetics of a diabetes-relevant membrane transporter (SGLT1). Graphene-based biosensing might enable a better sensitivity of the measurement system I was using throughout my master thesis. A scholarship from the Cusanuswerk and Philip Tinnefeld enable me to work on this project! I am truly greatful for this opportunity.