Group of Prof. Tinnefeld - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Dr. Andrés Vera Gómez

Dr. Andres Vera-Gomez
Department Chemie, LMU München
Butenandtstr. 5 - 13
81377 München

Büro 089/2180-77547 (Frau Steger)
Telefon 089/2180-77537
Raum-Nr. E1.003
Email Andres.Vera-Gomez"at"

I did my PhD in the Cajal Institute (Madrid, Spain), where I used AFM-based Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy to study the mechanical properties of proteins and protein complexes (1.). Afterward, I was granted with a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship and move to Germany and join the lab of Professor Tinnefeld, where I learnt to master Single-Molecule FRET techniques (2.) and made myself familiar with the versatility of DNA-nanotechnology (3.).

Nowadays, I am the leader of the Single-Molecule biophysics subgroup in the Tinnefeld Lab, where I focus my energy on understanding the regulation and dynamics of multi-enzymatic bacterial protein complexes (4.,5.). Besides, I have recently developed a new technology to generate light-activated DNA and RNA polymerases on demand, which can be used for biotechnological applications and we are certain will revolutionize the qPCR and Hot start PCR field.

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*corresponding author