Karina Betuker

Office089/2180-77547 (Frau Steger)
Telefon089 / 2180-77541
E-mailkarina.betuker “at” cup.uni-muenchen.de
Project subgroup

I studied for my bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biochemistry at the LMU Munich and prepared my bachelor thesis in the group of Prof. Hopfner at the Genecenter. To gain industrial experience, I worked at Crelux GmbH, a global provider of structure based drug discovery solutions. While completing my chemistry master at the LMU Munich and Uppsala Universitet, I was an intern in the Tinnefeld, Carell and Berggren goup. During my master thesis in the group of Prof. Daumann I spectroscopically studied Fe(II)/α-dependent dioxygenases, which are relevant in epigenetics and DNA repair.

I started my PhD in the Tinnefeld lab in summer 2021, where I am working on the structural and dynamic investigation of ribosomal complexes on a single-molecule level. In particular, I want to combine DNA nanotechnology with superresolution microscopy to study the key events of the ribosome-associated quality control pathway, which is initiated after ribosome stalling due to aberrant translational processes.